January 13, 2012

January Day

I feel like I have been yelling all week.

I try so hard everyday to be a gentle Mama. Most of the time I am...but then after a long day, I can't help but raise my voice, just to get them to listen.

So after, what feels like a week of being an exasperated Mama, I packed them up and we spent the day at the park. Three things led up to this point, a) having a day with nothing to do, b) the sun came out (a rarity), and c) I just couldn't spend another day inside...and neither could they. Mind you, the sun was out, but it was only 40 degrees today. I packed a picnic and some hot chocolate (!)...and, of course, the Utili-quilt.

When we headed for home as the sun was getting low, their cheeks were pink, hands frigged, and noses were running. They experienced much flora - playing in tall dry grass, throwing rocks, collecting clam shells, scooping sand. And much fauna - feeding the ducks, chasing crows, feeding squirrels, and watching seagulls. And I got to sit on the Utili-quilt and watch them play and run and climb and laugh and I was reminded that they are little and learning. I got to take a deep breath, and just watch. For a moment this afternoon, the Earth was their mother, and I was merely an observer.

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