June 25, 2013


I have been working on a new quilt and every very time I walk into my work space lately I think, "Man, I love my job." 

It's no secret that the beginning of this year was tough. Since January 1st 2013, our family has lost 4 wonderful people, and we lost a dear Grandpa last August. All of those who passed away were our elders, the wise ones of our family. The rest of us are left cherishing their memories and trying to navigate how to move forward. The beginning of this year was a mournful time and a reflective time. 

So honoring simplicity, all I will say is this - I need this quilt. I need these bright colors. I need these jazzy patterns. 

I need this little chipmunk. 

 I need a Renaissance of summertime hues. I need to be doing this work. I feel refreshed.

June 18, 2013

Just Luck

It's usually a gamble where my purchased fabrics end up. They either end up in my stash or - if it's lucky - it ends up intertwined within the soft borders of a handmade quilt that will be used and loved (and love some more) for years to come. Quite a difference. It's a fine line. It's also just luck-of-the-draw. And such is a metaphor for my own life. I like to think my choices, efforts, and hard work have gotten me here - doing this work I love love, living within the soft borders of this beautiful place, raising my little family. But in my gut, I know it's just luck. Damn good luck.

Here are a few of the lucky ones:
 Custom Request Sailboat Quilt :: sold

Soft Pink Nine Patch Dolly Quilt :: available here

Vintage Floral Dolly Quilt --and --Vintage Floral Chevron Quilt :: both sold

Scottie Quilt ::  Gifted

Bella Terra Quilt :: available here

Straw to gold. Happy Quilting!

June 10, 2013

In This Moment...

...In this moment I am...

...Overjoyed this quilt turned out so well and the reviews are in, it's a hit!

...Beginning a new quilt that will be a Southern Vintage theme, it's going to be a beauty

 ...Excited to see what design pattern this quilt will become, still undecided yet so many options

...Encouraging my kids to sew by starting simple and using what they love
(... my son prefers to hit the ground running using a good old sewing needle)

(...my daughter loves her markers. This is her first quilt design, simple squares, a good choice!)

...Jazzed to be gardening and watching the garden grow

...Looking forward to summer when school will be out, leading to all sorts of fun activities
...bring on the hose!