January 26, 2012

Oh So Close

I have finished the inner quilting on my Atari 80s quilt. I have worked the past few nights on the quilting that goes around the outer boarder using the walking foot attachment.

I read a quote recently by my favorite poet (probably yours too) Mary Oliver, which goes like this:

"Keep some room in your heart for the unimaginable."

I think about this quote applied to quilting because a quilt is such an unimaginable undertaking. It simply requires so much time, attention to detail, and drive to get it to completion. That must be why when I see a quilt (whether online or in person) my heart swells with wonder. I think about the quilter who had a space in their heart for the unimaginable possibility of creating a quilt to begin with. I can't help but imagine all of the energy and thought put into each stitch. And I love thinking about that last stitch and how incredible it feels to be done. Perhaps the most amazing thing about a quilter's heart is, once a quilt is complete, the quilter begins a new quilt. Room is created once again, in the quilter's heart, for the unimaginable. And the quilting cycle begins again. As I get close to completing this quilt, I get excited about my next unimaginable undertaking.

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