June 4, 2015

Cool Custom Anniversary Quilt

It has been my pleasure to make this custom order quilt, which was originally ordered back in March. The request of fabric images was as follows: Pirates, Batman, comic book images, Star Wars portraits and Pac Man. Perfect. The woman who commissioned this quilt also said she really liked the layout of this quilt, which is kind of like the precursor to her creation, but the final result of her quilt certainly includes more artistic elements, I'd say. It's always easy to embellish a quilt that is being made for someone specifically. This quilt is an anniversary gift, celebrating 10 years of marriage, and that's a significant reason to add embellishments.

It measure 96 x 88 and if you look close at the photos, the quilting pattern is a spiral circle, starting from a center point and spinning out to the edge. I hope this quilt will bring comfort and warmth to another ten years for this lovely couple. Happy Anniversary!