December 30, 2013

2013, In Retrospect

I asked my self recently, "How did I survive 2013?" What a year, and I am glad it is coming to a close. Through the ups and downs of this year my creative space and the time I spent quilting was a source of peaceful escape. Making a quilt was, at times, the only thing I felt like I had control over. I find that creating quilts is predictable (in a good way) which is something life in general, at times, just can't offer. So to sit down and sew or spend time cutting and piecing became a welcome space where there were no surprises. My creative space became a place where I could take a deep breath and decompress. 

 These are the quilts that got me through:

A Custom 1980s themed Plus Plus Quilt

A Scottie Value Diamond Quilt

 a custom project to make 50 Porcelain Doll Carriers

  Southern Vintage Star Quilt


The Up Up and Away Quilt

 Two Whole Cloth Quilts-

And a...
 (I just realized that I am finishing the year the way I started it by making another)
...1980s/Star Wars quilt
This was also a big year for the business side of my quilts, which I feel extremely fortunate to say. Many quilts sold and two were donated to auctions in order to help organizations raise money. I am overjoyed to think of my quilts in other peoples' homes and my original idea still remains that quilts are useful, beautiful art and life is way better under a quilt. 

Happy New Year and Happy Quilting!

December 20, 2013

3 Projects In Progress

That's right,  three projects! Sounds provocative doesn't it? Here's the next part - each project is going at a snail's pace. Um, yeah not so intriguing now is it. There's nothing about snails that "brings sexy back." Well, each project is exciting and demands my focused attention, as they always do. It's just the season, the holiday season, that slows things down. It's also me and my desire to slow down and be with my family more; to just sit on the couch and provide hugs, sessions of thumb war, read books and help with puzzles. This has been quite a year. Unlike any year I have ever lived through. This year has changed me for the better by presenting me with unbelievable challenges. I like to think I rose to the occasion each time a challenge came by working through it, day by day and sometimes hour by hour. My quilting and creative flow was a spring of relief and here are the projects that will finish up this year....

(I love making these) A Star Wars quilt, c'mon that's bitchen!

My family's Peppermint Quilt, basted, not quilted yet, maybe before Christmas though, fingers crossed.

...and last, a baby quilt for Sofia - look out world, she's a fighter - who joined us on December 14th.

 From my family to yours, may peace and warmth be ever present for you this season. Happy Quilting!