January 16, 2012


My little daughter is growing up so fast. She turns 4 today. Everything about her becomes more "grown up" with each day that passes. I think about this as I watch her trace letters with her finger or when I hear her singing Opera style, like she does, in her room. I try each day to hold her on my lap and cuddle her because each time I do, I know, next time she might not want a cuddle from Mama. I know too that she will remember these days, just like I have memories of 4, 5, 6 and so on. So, I make an effort to get her outside everyday to experience the natural world, I plan big gardens during summer, I create traditions during Winter, and I tell her I love her many times each day. Those are the things I want her to remember.

She walked up to me about two weeks ago, and said, "Mama, for my birthday, I want some pink balloons and a pink cake." I though for a moment and replied, "Okay." I also want her to remember (now and always) how special she is to us. How blessed we are to have her here.


Kerry said...

I am crying. I love you. I love Clarice. Happy Birthday to you both! Life changed forever 4 years ago. I am incredibly blessed to be walking alongside you down this road.

Cutie and Company Quilts said...

I was thinking about the day, when we both found out we were pregnant, together. It's so nice to be living in-synch with your family. We are on parallel roads, indeed.