January 17, 2012

Amazing Tuesday Top 10

 ~Ten things that remind me of all of the amazingness that surrounds me ~

Soft, light, fluffy, gentle snow.
Snow coming just in time for my daughter's 4th birthday
A festive party with pink balloons and pink cake because her favorite color is...pink, she told me so.
Remembering where I was 4 years ago and thinking about how much she has grown since that chilly Wednesday evening.
A snow day for Cuite
A shower, with really hot water and soap, for Mama
An email sent to France with many words of Thanks
Looking forward to bedtime. Tonight and every night.
Finishing the quilting of my 80's Atari quilt
Onto the binding...


victoria said...

You are sooo beautiful and creative. This site IS you. Tender, wise, insightful, creative and a glorious blend of craft and Great spirit. Your Pirate quilt touched me so. I am glad that in this bizzy, hum-drum world I have a place where I can tap your genuine expression. God bless & you go girl! xo, V

Cutie and Company Quilts said...

Oh Victoria, I'm crying! Your sweet words inspire me (of course everything about you inspires me, Mama of twins! I am glad you found your way here. Cutie and Company came to me in a vision. It's the first vision I have ever trusted and "run with." Do join me now and then on this wild journey! XOXO!