June 12, 2014

Orange Appreciation


We know a young man who is turning 16, learning to drive, and likes the color orange. He is my husband's cousin's fiancee's son...and, well, he's family. All I had to go on for his 16th birthday present was that he likes orange. For a quilter such as myself, this information is plenty and leaves a wide range of freedom for maximum creativity. If I knew he liked orange and triangles, for example, then my range of creativity lessens, and I am basically assigned to making something with orange triangles. So these pillows - a couple of comfort items for his room - are the result of maximum creativity at work. You might recognize some of the fabrics. There's some Kate Spain's "Good Fortune," Alexander Henry's "la virgencita," and Lotta Jandsdotter's "Echo," among others. There's lots of pattern and color play, and somewhere in the middle of the project I learned that his room is orange and black. Ooooh. More information, and the result of this additional information is the black binding around the edge. He's a good kid and I hope these bring him comfort. Being 16 is hard work.