October 29, 2012

Favorite Steps

Quilting has many steps, no? Some of the steps I like and some of the steps I loath. By far, my most favorite step is selecting the fabrics that will eventually be sewn together to make a quilt. I love going to the candy fabric store and looking through all of the stunningly beautiful fabrics. I have a hunch this is a favorite step of many, many quilters (especially with the amazing fabric designers who are presently gracing cottons with their innovative colors and images). I love mix matching fabrics together and noticing the relationships between values and patterns. I might call myself a quilter, but I do believe the word "quilter" is merely a disguise title for severe fabric addict.

I have a self confessed gray obsession lately

My second favorite step is the binding. It's a signal to me that quilt-completion is near. I enjoy making the binding and, of course, I love auditioning different fabrics for the role of  "quilt binding." What fabric will be cast in this significant,  framing role? In the case of my vintage floral chevron quilt, I chose to put all of the colors into this custom scrappy binding. It goes well with the colors on the front and it is surprisingly complimentary to the gray fabric on the back, it adds a splash of color.


The end is near! The end of this quilt, that is!

October 22, 2012

Simple, baby

Simple is a word I always choose to describe myself. Simple is a word I strive for in my life - simple living, less clutter, less drama, less stress, more simple. And now, simple is word I am starting to incorporate into my quilting, finally. I have spent the better part of 3 years quilting massively complicated projects with detailed boarders, complex quilting patterns, and intricate designs. I admit the reason was, that I was learning how to quilt and pushing my creative self to the extremes is, I guess, how I learn. It's as if I have been learning how to cook by following the recipes a fancy gourmet chef, an now I am moving towards making bar food. And because of my elite gourmet training, I can make some damn good chicken wings. In any case, I am really enjoying this new found simple quilting. My favorite part lately has been the benefit of getting one quilt almost done and being able to explore new (and beautiful) fabrics for a new quilt project. Yes, things are speeding up! I might not need another lifetime to make all of my quilt ideas. I might be able to simplify and complete all of the quilts I want in this life alone!

October 19, 2012

Sunny Morning Farmhouse Quilt ~ Complete!

For me, completion is a gentle dance between committing to a project and seeing it through, patience (especially around the basting stage) and managing that drive to finish, excitement (once the biding is made) and working carefully to create a quality quilt. That doesn't even take into account the tornado of family life swirling around me. I guess quilting is my retreat and my refuge. It's a quiet place for me to be.

And, oh the finished product! When I talk about 'drive to finish' or feeling excited, it's anticipating holding the finished quilt that sparks those feelings. The soft, warm weight of a quilt complete, the quilting design, the subtle romance of the binding...it's poetry in stitches, really.

So here is my latest completion I would like to share. I was calling it "The Sleepy Morning Farmhouse Quilt" but the bright reds and yellows lend me to believe a jazzier name is in order. How about "Sunny Morning Farmhouse Quilt?" Yes, that's it. This quilt is a Double Irish Chain design. I used a soft baby blue novelty fabric with a country design for the centered squares and slim boarder. The Irish Chain is built of bright red and yellow. The sashing is Natural Unbleached Cotton, which (I hope) contrasts the bright fabrics and gives an old fashioned feel. The binding is bright red, same as the chain. Now put your sunglasses on!

Bright huh? Certainly more sunny than sleepy.

Beautiful prose, with a 3.0 stitch length.
Happy Quilting Everyone! 

October 17, 2012

Yet another work in progress ~

It does feel good to have a big project in the works every week, just to keep my hands busy.

This week I am frantically patiently waiting for some fabric to be delivered. Once I get the delivery, I will be able to add the backing to this chevron quilt and then baste it. This quilt represents two things for me. First, it's my first scrappy quilt since the vintage floral fabrics used were originally purchased to make a 9"x13" dolly quilt. Second, and this is big for me, it's an exercise in simplicity. I have a tendency to over complicate things, just ask Cutie. So, I am leaving off boarders, no psycho quilting design that requires thousands of hidden knots, and a big, simple design. I might be falling in love with this new found way of doing things!

I am trying a simplified quilting method because of this one.  Nothing simple about this baby. 

But it sure is an eye popper, no? It is COMPLETE, by the way, as of Tuesday afternoon.

...And now for your viewing pleasure, some more picture of my Floral Chevron Quilt photographed in the mid-afternoon sun, for art's sake.

Simplicity is Angelic!

 Happy Quilting Everyone!

Oh and I linked up to WIP at Freshly Pieced

October 10, 2012

A work in progress - Sleepy Morning Farmhouse Quilt

Somewhere among watching toys play (Mama, watch this!), preparing snack, snack and more snack, thousands of loads of laundry, cutting up apples, cleaning for days on end, and wondering how I still function at all....I have managed to get this beauty to the last stage before completion!

This is the quilt top, which was pieced awhile ago (above).  
These are pictures of the quilting (below). I chose criss-cross stitching on the red and yellow chain and simple straight stitching outlining the center blocks.

This quilt is an experiment with new and old. The novelty fabric is freshly modern, not to mention the eye popping red and yellow Irish Chain design. And mixed in is natural unbleached cotton, which (I hope) adds an antique or old fashioned feel. I call this quilt "The Sleepy Morning Farmhouse Quilt." My goal is to have a post announcing its completion this weekend.

I linked up to  WIP at Freshly pieced
 Happy quilting everyone!