January 21, 2012


I'm sure there is a right way to do labels. I have seen entire classes devoted to the subject at  my local sewing shop, Labels 101. When I discovered quilting, I had been crafting for a long time. I have done it all and made my way around the craft store, visiting every section at least 10 times (beads, scrapbooks, kitting, candle making, making cards, stamping, Fimo, etc). When it comes to labeling my quilts, stamping with fabric paint and letter stamps just feels right.

Maybe it reconnects me to my crafting roots and reminds me of how many crafty mediums I have tried. Maybe I just like whipping out paint and stamps for an evening. Maybe, among all of the machine stitches, I like knowing that there is something organic and personal, on the back of my quilts. I just like my labels to be stamped by hand, similar to a hand written "thank you" note. I imagine, this lets the person snuggling under my quilt know that I appreciate them, appreciating my quilt, which I have made, with love.

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