January 9, 2012


So, wow, I have been receiving chiropractic care. I posted this before I went on vacation before Christmas. During the Christmas holiday, I took some time to heal and relax. I visited the chiropractor twice and I am going into this new year feeling, literally, brand new.

Years ago, I was feeling very stuck in my life. I felt unable to change aspects of my life that were unsatisfying and instead of trying to act and change things, I absorbed the stress into my body and my back and neck specifically. This is over ten years ago. When I got my second chiropractor adjustment, which unlocked my back for the first time in over ten years, all of the toxic memories and feelings from that "stuck" time just released! I didn't realize how my body held onto this time and how much it affected me everyday.

I am beginning this year feeling fresh and energized. I am excited about having a less achy back. This is a wonderful time in my life and releasing past stresses makes every moment so much more enjoyable.

P.S. Coincidentally, I got this dresser during that "stuck" time and it has been moved around from apartment to apartment for years. I have always wanted to freshen it up and, just by chance, I gave it a fresh coat of paint the same week my chiropractic adjustment gave me so much relief. I love a good coincidence!

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