August 18, 2014

The Feather Quilt

This is my first feather quilt! I made this quilt over spring, and ironically the woman who received it as her wedding present (I have written about her before) is named Spring! Thank you, I needed a good coincidence!

I foresee making many, many more feather quilts in the future. This has become one of my favorite patters by Anna Maria Horner. One finished feather block is a whopping 9" wide by 18" tall, which makes the assembly of the quilt top (once the individual feathers are done) come together satisfyingly fast. Also, the feather blocks can be turned sideways here and there for an eye-catching effect.

The fabrics that make up the feathers in my quilt are from designer Sarah Watts and her line Timber and Leaf. I love the combo of turquoise and brown that this quilt follows, which matches Spring's wedding colors. The binding around the edge is mostly leftover scraps from the feathers. I decided to use straight stitch quilting, in a wave-like pattern (I call it "strata design") in which the waves grow and shrink with each new layer. I like it! It's queen size, perfect for a bride, the queen of her castle afterall.

And I heard this quilt got a permanent smear of raspberry wedding cake frosting after a post-wedding cake nosh fest in bed, well well. What happens under the feather quilt, stays under the feather quilt.