November 21, 2013

Peppermint Quilt top

If you were to ask me about quilts, I would insist we brew a pot of tea and chat. I have SO much to say. Quilting represents so much for me - artistic expression, a way to relax, a journey of self discovery, buttery fabric-play, and a way to be around beauty. A finished quilt is a beautiful thing. So beautiful in fact I want to stand on my roof and scream out, "Quilts are beautiful! I want to make everyone a quilt!" I really feel like I found something extraordinary and I want to share it with everyone. 

I have been making quilts for others and quilts to share for some time now. I watch the faces of my family look longinly as one lovely quilt after another is made...and sent away, bound for someone else's home. Well, I am keeping this one! This one is for us. My family. It's a peppermint quilt because they are so sweet ;)

Kids, don't lick it.

November 11, 2013

Whole Cloth Quilts

I'm still not sure if making a whole cloth quilt is cheating. While making these I often wondered, am I quilting? Or am I cheating? There is no cutting and piecing which are the two foundations of quilting. But after the basting was done on these two, and the quilting was in its early stages, I started to feel like I was on track - making quilts not taking the low road.

So let's talk whole cloth quilts - the first thing I noticed is how very large print fabrics are perfect for these. As soon as I saw it I fell in love with this large print from Moda's line Chirp Chirp by Momo. If I were to cut this fabric up and piece it into a quilt, it would completely lose its charm. I would need to use very large blocks to say the least. But used as a whole cloth, the beautiful meadow-scape image stays intact. I just love the natural feel of this fabric, the wide open space and perspective of looking into the distance makes me feel like I'm on vacation. I have always wanted to try quilting in a spiral and I thought it would make a nice pattern for this quilt. I think it compliments the flow of the fabric very nicely.

The next whole cloth quilt is made from Indian Summer by Sarah Watson for Art Gallery Fabric. It is fabric on a smaller scale, but still offers a darling scene, this one of tee pees and igloos together. I won't sugar coat it, I just thought this fabric was really cute and thought it would make a sweet quilt if left in one piece. The quilting pattern is one of my favorites, vertical lood-di-loops.This is the third time I have used this free motion pattern. I find it to be a simple and effective free motion pattern that can cover a quilt without being too dense or taking forever.


The only down side to making whole cloth quilts is the size limitation. Since fabric is about 44 inches wide, your quilt can't be any wider than that. It's a nice size for a child's bed or crib and even as a small sofa throw. I found that two yards of fabric can make a whole cloth quilt that measures ~ 44 wide x 50 long, with two feet of fabric left over for the stash.

I am glad I tried whole cloth quilting. I will definitely be making more of them in the future. These two are in my Etsy shop.

For now though, back to my roots. Back to the cutting table! Happy Quilting!