November 27, 2012

Very versatile

Every once in awhile, I find myself stopped and daydreaming about how much I love quilts. In a recent daydream episode, I thought about how versatile quilting is for a means of making any number of things, such as hot pads and table runners. Then I thought about how quilting is one of the only art forms that produces something excruciatingly beautiful...and usable! A quilt can brighten a room, grace the arm of a chair, lay across a bed, keep you warm, add color and luxury to a room, and -when it's all said and done- be thrown into the wash with the colors pile.

Forgive me, I am passionate about my craft. Let's bring it back to center. I wanted to touch on how versatile quilting is for making things other than quilts.  I have an item to share with you that is a little different but something I have come to love. Bathmats. Yes, quilted bathmats!

What a treasure these have become. First, a quilted bathmat has multiple layers so it is soft and welcoming for freshly shower feet. Second, it is made of  terry cloth so it can be thrown into the wash, then dried, and come out fluffy and clean. And lastly, and this is the best point, it is a funky handmade item that contains more love, per stitch, than anything bought in a store.

My Father is moving into his own home and I made a few quilted items for his new space, 2 bathmats and 2 hot pads, so far.  I am so proud of my dad. He has been through a very hard time and he came out on top, a homeowner, and owner of some lovingly handmade things!

November 16, 2012

Vintage Floral Chevron Quilt..

...Say it with me, COMPLETE!

 These vintage floral fabrics were originally purchased to make a 9"X13" (that's inches) dolly quilt. I bought 1/4 yard of each floral fabric and ended up with a lot left over...but I still wasn't ready to put them in the stash. I wanted to keep working with this fabric, and use it all. And of course the chevron design is all the rage, but besides it being popular, I found it to be a simple, lively, and versatile design to put together - I could have made about 10 different designs using half-square-triangle blocks. I quilted it by doing simple vertical stripes using white and yellow thread, in no particular order. The back is from the Going Coastal line by Michael Miller. It's a little gray-er than I was hoping but I ordered it online, so the colors aren't a sure bet.

Anyway, enough words. Onto the feature presentation!

Fabric poetic. Happy quilting!

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November 12, 2012

Simple Coastline Quilt Top

You missed it. The wedding of the year - me marrying simplicity. I vowed my undying love, promised to stay true even during complex quilt designs, and will stand by simplicity until the end. Because simplicity is wonderfully satisfying.


 I worked on this quilt top last week and over the weekend and GOT. IT. DONE. I was able to complete it in such a short amount of time mainly because of the simple 4" square design. The colors consist of cool, dark colors with a few splashes of orange. The light blue waves are intended to capture the movement of the sea, and in fact I named this "The Coastline Quilt."

Keep it simple and happy quilting!

November 2, 2012

It's in the bag

  I dug into my stash of Kate Spain's Good Fortune to make by BFF a "Spa Bag" for her birthday.

I used Elizabeth Hartman's quilted panel tutorial - which worked like a dream, and was a fun free lance quilting exercise for my right brain. The quilted panels (I made 2, one for each side of the bag) end up being covered with an inner lining, so the messy backside isn't seen at all. What is seen is the fabulous fabric patterns on the quilted panels.

 I added an inside pocket and kept the lining light and bright, because (in my experience) the inside of bags do have a tendency to form black holes.

Side A
Side B
 I am a devoted quilter, but sometimes it's nice to take a detour and make something completely different, especially when the end result is a gift for someone very special and a chance to say, "Thank you for your friendship, and happy birthday!"

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