December 21, 2011


I have always known that fear can be counterproductive. There is something about it that just freezes all progress in place. I came to the conclusion about my fears that they are almost always imaginary. The fear that I conjure in my head does not usually play out in real life. Yet I still feel fear, everyday, sometimes a little, sometimes a lot.

Today I became aware of fears that surface in another part of life, my health. Do the fears that I have about certain health modalities, like chiropractic for example, undermine my quality of health?

Last week, my upper back and neck spasmed when I was helping my son wash his hands. After 5 days, the pain was not any better and Cutie suggested I try a chiropractor. I worked for a chiropractor long ago and I remember seeing violent adjustments, and I knew it wasn't for me. I made a fearful assumption back then that all chiropractors were dangerous snake oil salesmen. Cutie found a top rated guy and made me an appointment.

Maybe it was because my neck felt already broken, or because I was at a loss for desperate relief. For whatever reason, getting my neck adjusted today felt so good. And this is something I never thought I would do in my life, ever. Afterwards, my neck felt looser, less painful, and my mood lifted, I swear. How many neck and back spams could I have spared myself if I had the absence of fear. How many hours of extra life could I have gained?

I am gaining extra hours now, that's what counts.

I am excited about this adventure partly because it's refreshing to have a resource for my body that doesn't involve medication. But mostly, I have laid to rest this fear, kind of like riding a roller coaster, and this will hopefully contribute to a better quality of life.

I am taking some time - to heal, hibernate, rest, quilt, and enjoy ample family time - until after the New Year. I hope your home is filled with love and warmth. Happy Quilting.

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