November 6, 2011

weeks end

Time has been flying by for me lately. I'm not sure what's going on and it's a new thing. I can remember when my kids were little (little-er), and time would drag on and on.  I attribute the slow days to taking care of little ones who need constant Mama care. By the end of a day I would feel exhausted since one day felt like 3, time-wise. Well within the last few weekends I have noticed days flying by. Today feels like Saturday...except it's Sunday! I attribute this increase to having bigger kids, who play by themselves (sometimes), and are able to communicate what they need (mostly). I am getting more time to brush my teeth, change my undies, even (hold onto your hat) brush my hair! All of this helps Mama and helps the days return to normal too. And today (after getting to sleep in, thanks Cuite) I awoke with a whole extra hour. Blessed be.

Happy weekend!

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