November 15, 2011

Amazing Tuesday top 10

~Ten things that remind me of all of the amazingness that surrounds me ~

A Habanero pepper plant...growing inside...up high....away from curious little hands...hotter than hell...truly amazing
wool sweaters and socks worn inside all the time
Cutie working overtime for extra money to save
Tomatoes that turned bright red after sitting in a bowl inside the house for 2 weeks
A visit to the Chinese doctor who loaded Cutie up with herbs, roots, bark, pussy willows...and a whole lot of it all.
Fresh, warm, home-made play-doh...made out of desperation on a rainy day
THE know, the list that will help me get through the holidays.
Imagining and designing home-made toys for my kids (Santa might offer me a job!)

Many, many prayers sent to friends and family of one generous, playful, sincere young man
Remembering that life is wondrous and precious.

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