November 30, 2011

November's gift

This year I noticed that I have a tendency to focus on the negative. It was not an "ah-ha" moment, it was more like an "oh crap" moment. I noticed that no matter how blessed and abundant my life and family are, I just, almost unconsciously, always think about what is missing. This realization made me sad and nowadays I make a conscious effort to notice the everyday gifts. And everyday there are many, many gifts.

Today was a gift. After days and days....and days of rain, the clouds parted and the sun (yes the sun) came shining down on us. It felt like nature slipped an invitation under our door beckoning us to venture outside. And after shoes were laced, coats buttoned, and hats pulled down tight over little ears, we ventured outside (actually, it was more like a stampede).

We took our favorite walk, fed some cold and hungry ducks, and many times during our walk, tipped out heads up and said Thank You for this beautiful day. It was nothing less than a magnificent gift, one of many.

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