November 26, 2011

Quilt gift

Have you ever received a quilt as a gift? It's an amazing experience and thanks to my Aunt Nina, who has gifted us many quilts, it is one of the inspiring aspects of quilting for me.

Here's how it goes: you joyously receive a package on your doorstep. You bring it inside and get the necessary tools needed to open the package (scissors, maybe a box cutter). Then the doorstep package reveals its contents, a handmade quilt, and your heart is catapulted into an ecstatic realm of gratitude and awe. You being to examine the soft fabrics. You fall in love with the patterns. You follow the stitches with your fingertips. But, most of all, you think about the person who made this beautiful work of art just for you. It becomes clear that this quilt is no small craft. You examine all of the shapes of fabric cut and sewn and then there's the quilting itself and the binding and the dedication. Then it becomes even

The best part about a quilt that has been received as a gift is how it becomes a part of the family. They lay under family picnics summer after summer. They keep us warm draped over knees and make fort roofs. They are the backdrops in our family photos. I might be biased but quilts are quite possibly the best gift anyone can ever receive. I certainly cherish the ones that have landed upon my doorstep.

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Susie at ProsperityStuff said...

Awesome thoughts, and so true! Baby quilts are one of my favorite baby-shower gifts to give. I usually have supplies on hand to make them, which also makes it a cost-effective way to give a really awesome gift.