November 3, 2011

New quilt beginning

Farmyard by Moda. You know it. If someone asked me to sum up the summer of 2011 in two words I would say, "Moda's Farmyard." It seems like this fabric was everywhere - online, in every fabric shop, on Etsy as yardage, as completed quilts on Etsy....good grief.

You would think I would shrug it off, instead I fell in love with it. I am enchanted by the farm theme. It has an earthy quality, back to nature, that in the whir of busy plugged-in lives, I long for. But a lot of farm theme fabric is hokey or printed in pastel, intended for baby. That's why Moda's Farmyard was such a hit this summer. It is very stylized, the colors are warm, rich and modern/vintage (you know, vintage reinvented with a modern feel).

I'm turning this yardage into a beauty...check back soon for an update on the progress!

Happy Quilting!

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