November 18, 2011

Aunt Nina's quilts

I have always been very inspired by my Aunt Nina. When I was a girl living in the stark desert of Southern California, Aunt Nina would send me letters from Seattle, where she was living. I remember her descriptive details of flowers and veggies growing in her garden. She would talk about the cool, fragrant air of the Pacific Northwest. She would tell me about swimming in Greenlake during the "hot" summer months (a sweltering 78 degrees) or skiing to her job, downtown, during the winter. Little did she know that these letters would make me long to live in the Northwest and eventually give me the courage to move to Seattle myself -19 years old, a one way airplane ticket, a duffel bag of clothes, and a dream to live in a place that was lush, cool and smelled of wild roses.

My Aunt Nina eventually moved away from Seattle but she continues to inspire me with her quilting. Here are a few of her beautiful quilts that she has gifted us over the years. They decorate crib railings, and lay on our laps during the cold winter months. Each one brings light and color into our lives, as does she.

A "square of the month" quilt for Cutie and I, a wedding present.

Hand embroidered dedication.

Machine quilted "animals of the world map" and vibrant boarder!

close up of the animals of the world. My kids love the animals!

Kitty quilt, check out the design, with hand embroidered hearts and kitty faces!

Kitty love, no doubt.

This is my daughter's quilt. It rests on the edge of her bed.

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