November 20, 2011

Machine quitling adventure

Yesterday,  I did a little impromptu, spontaneous machine quilting on the Farmyard table runner! It went really well...and after a few twists and turns I got into the groove and the whole "dream" actually seemed possible.

I was very aware of the way it all felt. How fast (or slow) I was moving the fabric. How fast (or slow) the pedal was being pressed with my foot. How my hands would loose grasp of the fabric and that's when the stitches would go awry.  But all in all, my worst fears (like sever fabric bunching, or gnarly stitches) did not come true...and when my worst fears don't come true...well...generally that's a good thing.

Check out these squiggles!

And then, the table runner was complete! Just in time to get splashed with gravy and smeared with yams.

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