February 15, 2012


I have a tendency to get going on something and then something happens and throws a wrench into my process (sorry for the ambiguity). Here's an example: I have plans to make a few quilts and list them on Etsy. I have been working really hard and plan on listing all I have made on 2/20, my birthday. Then something happens...the foot pedal on my sewing machine breaks (the wrench) and my process slams to a halt. The smart and positive thing to do would be to order a new pedal (and this what I plan on doing). It's also a money issue - there is no money for a new pedal. But I have to pull myself out of old dysfunctional patterns of letting the wrench shut down my entire exciting process. I am convinced the wrench is a symbol of defeating self-talk. I almost have to go out-of-body and pull myself up by the shoulder and say, "Hey, stop wallowing...go order a new pedal."

It's hard. That wrench really gets me down. I do believe this is the first post in which I don't have anything bright to say, or project progress to report. Just a damn wrench thrown into the creative machine. Creativity has ups, and downs, that's for sure.

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