February 17, 2012

Love Letter

 Dear Acquaintance,

We met briefly during the binding-making step of my last quilt and, very recently, we met again. Each time we come together, your abilities inspire me and save me time. Where did you come from, Dear Friend? Who invented you? I swoon at the sight of you. Where ever your past has led you, I am so very grateful that we are together now and I dream of a long and fruitful future together.

You preform your task so effortlessly. Your sleek shape and ability to fold fabric from a wide 2 inch strip into a 1 inch binding (with 1/2 inch fold) is amazing. I never thought I would meet anyone like you. Among all of the gadgets in this crazy quilting world, you are my favorite and I am convinced we are meant for each other.  I will always hold a place for you in my heart (and beside my iron).

I can't help look forward to the next time we meet. Let's make beautiful binding together.

Yours always,


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