February 11, 2012

Now it's gone

I have been using a disappearing ink pen to mark the straight lines on my Game Board quilt. I wanted to post the brand but I threw away the packaging...and the pen doesn't even have the brand printed on it, alas. It's a very nifty gadget though and it has been helpful to pre-mark the lines before stitching, very helpful.

I have found that the marked lines begin to fade very quickly, minutes in fact, after marking them. So I have been working with a great sense of haste once the lines are marked. When I am sewing, I often have to re-mark the lines - they fade that fast. And then there's the strange sensation I get from placing bright purple ink lines on a quilt top which took weeks to assemble, yeeps. But they fade, they do, and what's left are nice straight stitched lines and one quilter's satisfaction from a brilliant gadget pen.

1 comment:

Kerry said...

I have one that stays on longer and then can be wiped off when you don't need the reference anymore. Got it at JoAnns. Nifty gadgets for sure.