February 5, 2012

Good Fortune, Baby.

I was perusing the upcoming Moda fabric lines one night, this was back in October, and I stumbled upon Good Fortune by Kate Spain. The release date was January 2012. I waited...and then recently I saw it listed for sale as yardage. That's when my credit card caught on fire! Yes, I ordered some...and I have never felt more fortunate!

This is the orange/blue/green color scheme:

Oh, be still my heart, this is the blue/violet/purple color scheme:

And this is the green/blue/violet/gray color scheme (notice the zen garden with rake marks):

I can't rave enough about how absolutely soft and sturdy and delicious this fabric is. It has a fabulous "weight" to it. My head is spinning with quilt designs and with any luck you will see a couple of quilts made from this fabric, very soon.

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