March 7, 2012

Signs of Life



Mystery bulbs

Hummingbird bush

Ornamental Poppy


It's no secret that this Northwest Winter climate is wearing on me. I moved to Seattle when I was 19, excited about a lush life living among dew drizzled mornings and fresh, rain-cleansed air.

What I am experiencing more and more, 17 year since moving here, are rain-filled, frigged, never-ending Winters.

I daydream about warm Hawaiian air, dry desert sunsets, and sunshine. Just straight-up sunshine.

This loss of mysticism with the Northwest climate comes greatly from having two little kids cooped up in a little house throughout days and weeks of rain. I wish they could go outside everyday and run in the sunshine. I would love to have them swim in a warm outdoor pool or in the ocean.

I have noticed some signs of life lately as we hang out in our mud puddle backyard, though. Sprouts and bulbs pushing through the soil, indicating maybe Spring is coming, which then leads to Summer, which might equal sunshine, which might mean wearing a T-shirt or shorts. These baby sprouts have become welcome friends of mine and I can hear them whispering words of encouragement, helping me get through this cold season. They say, "Hang in there, Mama."

Now before I publish this, I have to give Mother Nature due credit and mention the glorious sun that came out today. The kids played outside most of the afternoon and I sat facing the southern sky, feeling my face soaking up the sun's warm rays. I might have a few new freckles. That's the thing about the Northwest that keeps me living here: it's dreary, cold, and rainy most of the time but when the sun does come out, it is stupendous.

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