March 19, 2012

Pebble Burnout

Well Pebblepalooza has turned into one of those projects. I have grown sick and board and tired of it, sadly  but don't worry, I will finish it. I fear the moment when quilt projects turn into dreaded quilt projects because - with my self-imposed rules around completion , I have to press on, no matter how much I dread sitting down to work on it. I think what killed my enthusiasm were the free motion pebbles themselves, which took forever to complete.  The other thing that killed it was having the Sunday Morning quilt all basted and ready to go - I am excited to start quilting that one. But, gotta finish the pebbles first before moving onto the next project. I am a tough boss.

Quilts are an endless lesson in completion for me. It's spiritual, really. I have never been one to properly complete projects and having made a conscious rule for myself to complete each quilt before beginning a new one, has drastically changed the way I view myself as an artist. I can complete a huge project (because I am telling myself I have to).

I guess in order to complete, I have to, first, commit. I now realize that completion is teaching me about commitment. I strive to complete a quilt but when the process gets boring I have to remember my original commitment to the design, the fabric, and the idea. It means sticking with it even when I want to set it aside and start something else. It means holding myself creatively responsible for a project I started, to see it through, because every project begins with an incredible idea which inspired me to commit to it in the first place. When you think about it, anyone who has accomplished (or completed) something big has been very committed to their passion. Galileo was committed to astronomy. Annie Oakley was committed to her rifle.  Eddie Van Halen was committed to his guitar. It's amazing what we can accomplish when we commit. Well, I'm not looking to accomplish anything similar to said examples except simply to make my life meaningful and learn a little about myself in the process.

I did get the free motion pebbles finished on Pebblepalooza so the last thing to do is the binding, which is easy. Then, it's onto the Sunday Morning quilt. I committed to the pebbles, I completed the pebbles, and I can soon say Hasta La Vista, pebbles!

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