March 4, 2012


Well, now that the GameBoard quilt is complete, I am onto this one:

 Here's the story with this quilt...

We were vacationing at Cape Disappointment (it's a really nice pace, don't let the name fool you) which is on the South Western tip of Washington State, down there where the Columbia River empties into the Pacific, ala Louis and Clark. Near Cape Dis, there is a quaint beach town, Longbeach, which has a quilt shop. Now that I know there is a quilt shop there, Cape Dis has and will become our annual vacation destination, naturally. We stopped in for a few moments and I saw the featured square material, with the baby blue background.

(The featured square, as I call it)

I had to have some, "3/4 yard please." I wish I had bought more. It reminds me of a lazy weekend morning, lounging in a bright and cheerful breakfast nook. I love the blossoming green pitcher and rooster. I call this The Sunday Morning Quilt. It took a few months to figure out the quilt design and I settled on a Double Irish Chain pattern with bright red and yellow and unbleached cotton. I went through a self-admitted unbleached cotton phase last summer, it turned up in every quilt.

I added a chunky boarder (from the same rooster fabric) to help the featured squares stand out.  I really like the boarder! It seems to mellow out the bright pop from the red and yellow chains.

The backing is a luxurious Egyptian cotton in a pleasant shade of baby blue to match the featured square material. And the binding will be the same red as in the chain.

I'm still milling around quilting design patterns and not sure as of yet which way the quilting stitches will end up. Stay tuned, friends!


Sarah Craig said...

What a beautiful, cheerful quilt! It looks like summer to me!! Whoop whoop!!

Vicki @ DottyJane said...

This will be so pretty with the red binding! It's a happy quilt!