March 21, 2012

Custom Order

There is nothing that blows a stronger wind into my creative sail than a custom quilt order. It holds so much meaning to me. A custom order usually goes like this: there's a theme, sailboats for example, and special colors that will match the nursery, a time frame or deadline, and I give a price. I ask how much creative input the person ordering the quilt would like to have: would you like to choose the design (and the fabric) or have me choose?

But, to me, this is what the custom order says: I want you to make a quilt for my precious future grandson. I admire your quilting and I want a quilt of yours - made with your hands and especially your heart - in our family for generations to come. I trust you with this gift. I am excited and holding my breath to see the finished quilt. I know you can do it!

And I think to myself: You won't be disappointed. In fact, your eyeballs will pop out when you see this quilt. You will see and feel the quality. You will see and feel all of the effort and love I sewed into every inch of the quilt. I am excited for you to give this beautiful gift. I know you will love it!

Maybe I read to deeply into things, but a custom order makes me stand a little taller and puff out my chest a little prouder and smile wider. I can't wait to get to work...and thank you for your order.

1 comment:

Kerry said...

I love your commitment to your art and how proud you are of it!! You inspire me!

And just so you know, from someone who is privileged to have some of your work in her life, I feel your love in both of the quilts we have at our house. Infact, just last week I was nursing Lyric down for his nap and weeping at the sight of the quilt you made for him (us) which is hanging on the edge of his crib right now. The love vibrates out from the fabric and the stitches. Your heart is in each one. They are phenomenal!