March 14, 2012

Serious Pebbles

 This is like a continuation of yesterday's post since the last thing I mentioned was a pebblepalooza. When I say pebbles, I don't mess around. We are talking serious pebbles...and serious thread to accomplish this pebble extravaganza. I had to run to the fabric store to buy more thread today. This pattern was a gamble because I wasn't sure if the pebble quilting pattern would cover up the circular pattern of the fabric....

...but I like it! I can still see the circles, and the batiks, and the pebble fabric pops out. I mean really, what other possible quilting patten could I use? Gotta do the fabric pebbles justice and...quilt free motion pebbles.

I learn something with each quilt I make, or table runner in this case. This one was a lesson in, well, free motion pebbles and quilt pattern density. These tightly quilted pebbles create a dense sandwiching of the layers. There isn't a lot of soft touchy puffiness with this one.

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