October 29, 2012

Favorite Steps

Quilting has many steps, no? Some of the steps I like and some of the steps I loath. By far, my most favorite step is selecting the fabrics that will eventually be sewn together to make a quilt. I love going to the candy fabric store and looking through all of the stunningly beautiful fabrics. I have a hunch this is a favorite step of many, many quilters (especially with the amazing fabric designers who are presently gracing cottons with their innovative colors and images). I love mix matching fabrics together and noticing the relationships between values and patterns. I might call myself a quilter, but I do believe the word "quilter" is merely a disguise title for severe fabric addict.

I have a self confessed gray obsession lately

My second favorite step is the binding. It's a signal to me that quilt-completion is near. I enjoy making the binding and, of course, I love auditioning different fabrics for the role of  "quilt binding." What fabric will be cast in this significant,  framing role? In the case of my vintage floral chevron quilt, I chose to put all of the colors into this custom scrappy binding. It goes well with the colors on the front and it is surprisingly complimentary to the gray fabric on the back, it adds a splash of color.


The end is near! The end of this quilt, that is!

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