October 17, 2012

Yet another work in progress ~

It does feel good to have a big project in the works every week, just to keep my hands busy.

This week I am frantically patiently waiting for some fabric to be delivered. Once I get the delivery, I will be able to add the backing to this chevron quilt and then baste it. This quilt represents two things for me. First, it's my first scrappy quilt since the vintage floral fabrics used were originally purchased to make a 9"x13" dolly quilt. Second, and this is big for me, it's an exercise in simplicity. I have a tendency to over complicate things, just ask Cutie. So, I am leaving off boarders, no psycho quilting design that requires thousands of hidden knots, and a big, simple design. I might be falling in love with this new found way of doing things!

I am trying a simplified quilting method because of this one.  Nothing simple about this baby. 

But it sure is an eye popper, no? It is COMPLETE, by the way, as of Tuesday afternoon.

...And now for your viewing pleasure, some more picture of my Floral Chevron Quilt photographed in the mid-afternoon sun, for art's sake.

Simplicity is Angelic!

 Happy Quilting Everyone!

Oh and I linked up to WIP at Freshly Pieced


Martha said...

I love your quilts and your choice of fabrics are fantastic. Great job.

Megan @ MiaDolceOriginals said...

love the colors and vintage-ness in your zig zag quilt! I know what you mean about being impatient waiting for the backing fabric to arrive (or any fabric for that matter!)

Gina said...

Your Chevron quilt it beautiful! I love the colors! Congrats on finishing the other one & going simple for this one! Visiting from WIP Wednesday!

Kelli said...

I do love a good zig zag quilt. They are so simple but so striking. Yours looks great!

Mandy said...

The scrap chevron look amazing! Well done! Often I think less is more & this is certainly fitting of doing things the simple way.
Your other farmhouse quilt is terrific! Quite an achievement! You should be proud of yourself with that one!