October 19, 2012

Sunny Morning Farmhouse Quilt ~ Complete!

For me, completion is a gentle dance between committing to a project and seeing it through, patience (especially around the basting stage) and managing that drive to finish, excitement (once the biding is made) and working carefully to create a quality quilt. That doesn't even take into account the tornado of family life swirling around me. I guess quilting is my retreat and my refuge. It's a quiet place for me to be.

And, oh the finished product! When I talk about 'drive to finish' or feeling excited, it's anticipating holding the finished quilt that sparks those feelings. The soft, warm weight of a quilt complete, the quilting design, the subtle romance of the binding...it's poetry in stitches, really.

So here is my latest completion I would like to share. I was calling it "The Sleepy Morning Farmhouse Quilt" but the bright reds and yellows lend me to believe a jazzier name is in order. How about "Sunny Morning Farmhouse Quilt?" Yes, that's it. This quilt is a Double Irish Chain design. I used a soft baby blue novelty fabric with a country design for the centered squares and slim boarder. The Irish Chain is built of bright red and yellow. The sashing is Natural Unbleached Cotton, which (I hope) contrasts the bright fabrics and gives an old fashioned feel. The binding is bright red, same as the chain. Now put your sunglasses on!

Bright huh? Certainly more sunny than sleepy.

Beautiful prose, with a 3.0 stitch length.
Happy Quilting Everyone! 


Anonymous said...

it's very cheerful, nicely done

LC said...

It's absolutely beautiful! The colors are fantastic.

And I know what you mean about "drive to finish." I usually get so excited to finish that I do all the binding in one sitting, even if it means I have to stay up ridiculously late. I just wanna get to the part where I take it out of the dryer as quickly as is humanly possible.

Fankle said...

Love these colours! gorgeous cheery quilt :D

Carla said...

A lovely finish. Thanks for your comment on my blog. You have no e-mail address on your blogger account so I couldn't reply that way. Happy stitching !