November 2, 2012

It's in the bag

  I dug into my stash of Kate Spain's Good Fortune to make by BFF a "Spa Bag" for her birthday.

I used Elizabeth Hartman's quilted panel tutorial - which worked like a dream, and was a fun free lance quilting exercise for my right brain. The quilted panels (I made 2, one for each side of the bag) end up being covered with an inner lining, so the messy backside isn't seen at all. What is seen is the fabulous fabric patterns on the quilted panels.

 I added an inside pocket and kept the lining light and bright, because (in my experience) the inside of bags do have a tendency to form black holes.

Side A
Side B
 I am a devoted quilter, but sometimes it's nice to take a detour and make something completely different, especially when the end result is a gift for someone very special and a chance to say, "Thank you for your friendship, and happy birthday!"

I linked up here, just for fun!


Cathy Tomm said...

Great looking bag

Karen H said...

Lovely bag! I love making bags, sometimes more than quilts. :) I just got some duck, so I am ready to try Elizabeth Hartman's tutorial, too.

Kerry said...

Your friend sure is lucky! Not just to have an awesome bag, but to have such a loving BFF to make it for her.