October 22, 2012

Simple, baby

Simple is a word I always choose to describe myself. Simple is a word I strive for in my life - simple living, less clutter, less drama, less stress, more simple. And now, simple is word I am starting to incorporate into my quilting, finally. I have spent the better part of 3 years quilting massively complicated projects with detailed boarders, complex quilting patterns, and intricate designs. I admit the reason was, that I was learning how to quilt and pushing my creative self to the extremes is, I guess, how I learn. It's as if I have been learning how to cook by following the recipes a fancy gourmet chef, an now I am moving towards making bar food. And because of my elite gourmet training, I can make some damn good chicken wings. In any case, I am really enjoying this new found simple quilting. My favorite part lately has been the benefit of getting one quilt almost done and being able to explore new (and beautiful) fabrics for a new quilt project. Yes, things are speeding up! I might not need another lifetime to make all of my quilt ideas. I might be able to simplify and complete all of the quilts I want in this life alone!

1 comment:

gretchen said...

I love this quilt. I agree with you, the simple quilts are very nice and lets you show off a line of fabric.