February 27, 2013

New Beginning

I know and love someone who has a birthday in May. This same talented individual also loves Scottie Terriers. If this sounds like you...stop reading! What lies ahead is your birthday present! If you wish to proceed (which wouldn't be the end of the world) you will get a glimpse of the eye popping quilt that will be arriving upon your doorstep on, or slightly before, May 10, along with exploding happy birthday wishes and thanks for your strong and inspirational support.

I am speaking of course of my Aunt Nina. It was a tough decision because I know Nina loves Scotties, gardens and flowers, specifically. So naturally this quilt could have been floral, and it would have been stunning...but instead I listened to my gut, which I am learning to do more of and finding it is often the voice of wisdom eternal - I went Scottie! 

This is also a Value Quilt, which I am excited to try. I want my Aunt Nina to know how much I value her.

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