March 4, 2013

Triangle (and value) Love.

The more I quilt, the more I fall deeper in love with the triangle. At first, it was an intimidating foe, those three pointy sides. Now, it is a welcome symbol of versatility and design freedom. The other thing I am overjoyed to integrate into my quilting is value. For me, it's more of a feeling than anything I can define but it is usually summed up as, the difference between light and dark color intensity. The contrast between light colors and dark colors in the photos below is what makes the design appear to your eye. The dark colors appear to move into the foreground and the light colors recede. 

Here's six reasons to love the triangle, made from the same blocks:

DID YOU SEE THAT?! 6 different designs made from the SAME 1/2 square triangle blocks! Maybe I don't get out much, but THIS is the kind of art-magic that I  LOVE! And notice the versatility of the 1/2 square triangle blocks - triangles, I'm telling you, best shape EVER.

Now, which design do I choose for the quilt?

And, special thanks to my most supportive assistant.


Heather Bassett said...

What fun! The last one is stunning - but have you thought of combining the chevrons and diamonds as in the shot with your furry assistant?

Cutie and Company Quilts said...

Oh yes, I noticed the pattern there. You very well may see a diamond and chevron quilt sometime soon! There are so many options!

Smultronbo said...

What a nice way to show what can be made out of triangles in the same post. Thank you. ;)