February 13, 2013


Packaging a quilt that is bound for shipping is a  new territory for me. I recently discovered that when the quilt is folded, wrapped in tissue, and placed in the box, my heat is a-flutter with anticipation. I am overflowing with excitement for the individual who will eventually open the package and gasp with joy (I hope). I am filled with gratitude for said individual who has trusted my fabric talents and bought a quilt! And I am overjoyed to be doing quilting (this work I love, love), designing quilts, selling quilts, packaging quilts, addressing quilts, and using the revenue from sold quilts to dream and create new quilts. In other words, living my dream! Whew, as you can see this is pretty cathartic for me.

Yes, there are a lot of emotions swirling when I take that one final look in the package (the one with the quilt inside, bound for shipping).  Maybe it's the crisp white tissue? The cloth ribbon? The hand addressed thank you note? Maybe it's the handmade quilt inside package bound for shipping... the quilt that is headed for a new home. Oh yes, it's that, that's the anticipation that makes my heart flutter.

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