February 5, 2013

A Victory

It's all a dream of mine - the fantasy of making quilts full time, as a way to be fulfilled creatively, and maybe make a little extra pocket change to feed my fabric addiction. This dream is in my head, I can see it, but transferring it to reality, actually living the dream, is a different story completely.

And then I check my email to see that my 80's Atari themed quilt has SOLD! WHAT!!!

And what follows is a wave of disbelief, and - yes - feeling pretty proud of myself, and having my family see that my dream - all of this time spent sewing (and taking up a good portion of the living room) - might just be for a good cause. What makes my heart swell the most however is that art can happen. If passion and patience are there, both of which are my foundations on this journey, this dream is bound to materialize.

p.s. I am SO excited someone gets to own and love this quilt forever!

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