December 2, 2011

My Angel

My daughter. The first phrase that comes to mind is "the apple of my eye.' She is nothing less than an incredibly tender, intuitive, articulate, and honest person. And she is anticipating Christmas with all of the awe and wonder that a little child could muster. The personality that is emerging from her these days is miraculous and I strive everyday to honor her deep emotions and quick fears by offering as much support as possible. Her first years were rough, mostly the result of my inexperienced parenting and having a screaming baby brother arrive (a little too soon for her taste) didn't help matters much. So these days - which are mostly filled with love, lots of hugs and cuddles, lots of conversation about feelings, lots of play and imagination, and acclimation to, simply, our individual temperaments - are a breath of fresh air. And with each passing day, her loves grows more and more abundant and generous.

So, when my sweet angel daughter told me she wanted a "little mushroom house" to play with, what do you think I did?

I got to work.

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