December 19, 2011

for you or for me?

I have found myself falling into a dangerous trap lately. When I imagine quilt designs in my head, I wonder if (here's the trap) people will like them...

I know better than that.

This quilting adventure is for me. Every quilt design needs to have some resonance in my heart, make me feel tingly, and the fabrics need to be those I fall in love with. I think if I start making quilts based on what would appeal to the public, my purpose would not be fulfilled, which is to create as a way to live a fulfilled life. And such a part of that creation is just noticing what beautiful fabric turns me on. What do I gravitate and salivate over at the fabric store?  What if I start to choose fabric after considering if people will like it or not? I think my natural attraction to the fabrics I like, would be lost.

 I can imagine, ultimately, I would grow to not enjoy the process of making a quilt, and I would fall out of love with quilting.

This fabric is an example of that. I saw it in the fabric store and it looked cool and funky with trendy holiday colors. Now that I have this fabric in my stash, I can't stand it. Chances are, I will never make anything out of it because the thought of working with it does not appeal to me.

So what's my lesson? Trust my heart. Trust my gut. Believe in myself. Definitely.

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