December 16, 2011


Gifts made (started back in November), check.
Gifts ordered online or shopped for (having a Christmas budget really helped with that), check.
Packages mailed out (as of yesterday), check.
Stamps bought for Christmas cards, check.
Last day of preschool today before Winter break, and swanky hot pads given to my daughter's teacher, check.
Cutie's birthday/Solstice plans coming together (Solstice, what a great birthday huh?), check.
My heart filling up and bursting with cheer, check.

It's been great to get an early start on the holiday-ing this year. I can sigh a breathe of relief that packages will arrive on time. I still have a couple of projects that are lingering (like the Mushroom house) and a few ideas that have popped into my imagination. It never fails.

All in all, this is a special year for us. Our kids are getting bigger. Our dreams are coming true. Health has been restored. Santa still exists. Quilts are coming out of my ears. And our fingers are crossed for a deep blanket of snow.

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