February 28, 2014

Our Peppermint Quilt

Finally! It's complete! A little late, worth the wait!
Really, the label says it all -

Instead of thinking "this quilt was meant to be for last Christmas," I have decided to think, "this is a really early finish for next Christmas." Eh, pretty clever? I really like the bright red binding and crisp red and white contrast. It measures 56x70. My daughter slept under it last night, and that's a big moment for a quilt. This morning, at 7am, I went in to wake her up for school and I saw the quilt was pulled way up and tucked under her chin. I thought about how quilts are a powerful extension of our love.

My daughter also loves the tossed gingerbread backing fabric and when she first saw it she said, "GINgerbreads!" and there was a wonderful squeal accent that she included as she said the word.

I managed to find the original sketch which, in all of it's arcane coded scribbles, reminds me that every project has to start somewhere. And how a simple hot mess of a sketch can become something gorgeous, containing an indescribable amount of passion and devotion.

Linking my seasonably late finish up to Finish it up Friday...Happy Quilting!


Taryn said...

Lovely quilt - and I'm impressed with the planning too!

Richard Healey said...

What a cut and fun quilt. I love your drawing. I use to do the same it is fun to figure out what you need. And then see the plan come together.

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Gemini Jen NZ said...

Very very pretty! I love it! Such gorgeous fabrics and a lovely result!

Quilt Musings said...

Beautiful quilt! So sweet that your daughter loves it so much :)

Your drawing is great! Looks like you had this one perfectly planned :)

Cutie and Company Quilts said...

Thank you so much! This quilt has already experienced so much love. I have enjoyed viewing your finishes too, it's wonderful to share our accomplishments!