February 23, 2014

Christmas in February

I am trying to finish this "Peppermint" Christmas quilt, you know, the one that was supposed to be under the tree on Christmas morning?

I'm excited about this quilt because it's a keeper for my family. I had envisioned it being my Christmas gift to 
them this (past) holiday. My future vision for this quilt involves packing it away all year, then bringing it out exclusively at Christmas time to envelop chilly winter shoulders or lay across our laps as we watch holiday movies. Once Christmas is over, I'll fold it up until next winter. I chose to quilt it using chunky criss-cross straight stitches and bright red thread.

 It's probably taking a million years to complete this Christmas quilt because it keeps getting bumped back by other quilty projects like these...

 Sofia's Quilt (above, complete and gifted) and 
A Star Wars Portraiture quilt (below, also complete and listed here)

...and then there's the weather which greatly effects photographing completed quilts outside in "natural light."

 Ahhh, February in the Pacific Northwest. Stay dry friends.

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