May 16, 2014

a light beginning

Have you seen feather quilts, or more specifically have you seen quilt blocks in the shape of feathers? I can remember the first time I saw a feather quilt, it took my breath away. In that moment, I imagined making one...someday.

Well, when I heard there was a wedding scheduled for this summer, for two very fortunate, very seasoned individuals, in the ups and downs of life - she is a mom and a widow, he is a dad and a widower, both have one son, and together they weave into the most precious family, both boys becoming brothers, officially, this June 11th -  I knew the time had come to make that feather quilt that (my) dreams were made of -- for all of their dreams, present and future, may each one take flight and sore!

This is the feather pattern I used and it has been a delight and very straight forward. I made cardboard templates out of the shapes that make up the feather. The fabrics I chose have a pastel woodland theme. I love the wood rounds.

It will be a pleasure to set this quilt upon the gift table at the wedding reception. It might be the highlight of summer!

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