September 26, 2012

4 Dolly Quilts, COMPLETE!

We made a quick trip to the post office yesterday to mail out 4 Dolly Quilts, which are headed for New York, I am proud to say. 

I learned a lot making these little quilts, some very valuable skills like chain piecing

I also learned to keep the design simple and as large as possible, without compromising intricacy and authenticity, of course. I started out making 1/2 inch triangles for the peppermint pinwheels, which proved to be difficult to work with and the small scale gave the finished quilt a bumpy bulk.

 But it all worked out in the end, because the finished product is rather lovely.
 Here are the other three quilts: 

::: A Christmas rail fence design :::

::: A soft pink nine patch :::

::: And a vintage floral triangle design :::
 I think this last one is my favorite. 
My wish is that these pint size quilts make their way onto the beds of  4 well-loved Dollies, and eventually the quilts will become well-loved too.
Happy quilting!


Alison said...

These are all such cute little quilties!

Krysta said...

Very precious. I love the mini pinwheels!

Jo said...

These are amazing!