July 13, 2012

smooth sailing ~ COMPLETE!

I have to rewind a little and show off the custom order quilt I completed before we moved. It was a joy to work on and I felt a lot of grace while working on it. Even with limited time, space, and the surrounding environment being packed up around me I found quite a bit of time to work on it during the evenings and at little bits during the day. It turned out great! It is a quilt for a little boy who just arrived in the world and the colors match his nursery. The colors are a little more sophisticated (dark blue, lime green, soft yellow, aqua and white) than traditional baby quilt pastels, and my intention is that the quilt (and the colors) will grow with him as he grows, maybe even laying in his dorm room someday. My hope is that the sweet boy who owns this quilt enjoys it for years to come.

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