March 16, 2013

Framed it!

I should, and I would encourage you, to wear some sunglasses before viewing the following pictures. It's a bright and bold one, this radiating diamond.

See, I could move foreword and baste the quilt in the first picture here:

But...then I thought, I haven't done a border in awhile. So here is the same quilt with a snazzy scrappy (and value-conscious) border:

I like it! When I was in my 20's, living in any-old apartment, I would nail, tack or tape art on the walls for decoration. It was easy and the whole place could be easily re-arranged. Only recently has the beauty of framed art made its way into the deepest cockles of my heart. There's something regal and classy about framed art - even a greeting card looks fancy in a frame. I notice too how a frame tends to draws the eye towards the art within its center. That's what I wanted with this quilt. I wanted the radiating diamonds to feel like they were radiating, but then at the same time, I wanted the radiating to stop and be contained within a frame.

I decided to do a slim light-value border followed by a thicker border using the same dark-value colors that make up the radiating diamond.  This value-play is something I am most extremely excited about and the frame just makes is fancy.

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