December 11, 2014

A new home (squared)

Well, well, well, my Sunny Morning Farmhouse Quilt went to a new home recently. Love. 

I remember sitting in the driver's seat of my car, hand sewing the binding onto the back, while my kids were taking summer classes. A ballet class for her and a bug/science class for him. I would spend the time they were away wearing a thimble, contently stitching, and switching channels on the radio. Bliss. 

The design of this quilt is Double Irish Chain. I search pinterest specifically for Irish Chin designs, they are versatile and always make for a stunning quilt. I will make more. Also, our house got a bright blue coat of paint this summer. It feels like a new home and I like saying, "We live in the blue house."

It wasn't until I took this quilt out to photograph it that I realized the bright blue makes for quite a vibrant, artsy backdrop. I am loving the bright quilt againt bright blue. I like to live life on the bright side.

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